Digital Dissolved Ozone Sensor

Digital Free Chlorine Sensor

A580L Flow cell (optional accessory)
A580L Flow cell
This Flow cell is designed for the measurement of residual chlorine with a potentiostatic method, but can be used for other sensors and measures too. The cell's manufacturing characteristics allow the sample to run through the potentiostatic electrode site with a constant velocity. The in-flow can be regulated through a check valve.

CS6530D Digital Dissolved Ozone Sensor download

CS6530D Digital Dissolved Ozone Sensor
Order number CS6530D5T
Principle Potentiostatic
Range 0 - 2.000 mg/L, 0 - 20.00 mg/L
Resolution 0.001 mg/L, 0.01 mg/L
Temperature range 0 - 70 °C
Pressure 0 -6 bar
Optimum Flow Rate 25-100 L/h
Shell material Glass+POM
Thread Cap PG13.5
Electrode dimensions   ø12x120mm
Cable length 5m
Connector Terminals
Output RS485 Modbus RTU
Power input DC 12V
IP rated


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