Designed for precise pH / ORP, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity / Resistivity / TDS, Free Chlorine control at complex industrial sites or in harsh environment, with high anti-interference, these waterproof Controller / Transmitters can be wall-mounted and panel-mounted. In connection with the appropriate sensors, they give you accurate and reliable online readings all the time. They are just the one-stop water solutions you are looking for.
3500 series - New listing
pH/ORP Transmitter
Conductivity/TDS/Salinity Transmitter
Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter
Free Chlorine Transmitter
Dissolved Ozone Transmitter
Chlorine Dioxide Transmitter
TB5000 Online Turbidity Analyzer
SS5000 Online Suspended Solids Analyzer
2000 series 2-Wire Transmitters
PH2000 2- Wire Transmitter
CON2000 2- Wire Transmitter
DO2000 2- Wire Transmitter
5500 series Wall-mounting Controllers/Transmitters
FCL5500 Wall-mounting Controller/Transmitter
TB5500 Online Turbidity Analyzer
SS5500 Online Suspended Solids Analyzer
LDO5500 Fluorescence Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer
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