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We, CLEAN Instruments are a specialized manufacturer of water quality analysis instruments. Continuously making progress in R&D, upgrading sales & services, and improving logistics and management systems, we are committed to providing the best value products and solutions for worldwide customers.

CLEAN Instruments hold a growing array of assortments, including handy, easy to use testers, accurate, stable portable & benchtop meters, and compact, strong anti-interference industrial process controllers and various accessories to facilitate your measurement. Besides, CLEAN Instruments provide lots of specific parameters for target customers to select, from pH/ORP, Ion, Dissolved Oxygen to Conductivity, TDS, Free Chlorine, etc. CLEAN Instruments are proven to be the unalienable partners in water analysis, waste water monitoring, many laboratory applications, ecology studies and industry processes and so on.

You are sincerely welcome to visit our Customer Service centers in Shanghai and Taipei. And feel free to contact us viaCS@cleaninst.com..  Thank you !
Type Warranty Period
Testers 2 years
Portables& Benchtops 3 years
Sensors 6 months
Controllers/Transmitters 1 year
1. The Warranty shall cease immediately and become void if unauthorized repair, tampering, alteration or modification is done on the products.
2. The owner is required to provide proof of purchase when applying for service. The serial number should be in good condition, must not be defaced or altered in any way.
3. The Warranty does not cover:
1) Facilities, consumable items, wear and tear parts, corrosion, rusting or stains.
2) Using wrong electrical supply or voltage.
3) Usage not in accordance with the Operation Manuals.
4) Products demonstration.
5) Malfunctions or damages resulting from force majeure, fire, civil-unrest or drop of the appliances.
6) Transportation costs incurred from returning the product(s) for repair.
4. The warranty expressly provided herein is the sole warranty provided with the product(s),no other warranty expressly or implied is provided. We disclaim any responsibilities for any other claims, with regards to other controllers, sensors and any other peripherals used in connection with the product(s) under warranty.
The above Conditions are applicable unless otherwise specified.
For more information, please feel free to contact our three customer services centers directly via E-mail CS@cleaninst.com.
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