T6200 Two Parameter Analyzer
T6200 Two Parameter Analyzer
T6200 Two Parameter Analyzer
Designed for online monitoring of water quality such as rivers, lakes, enterprise outlets, inlets and outlets of sewage treatment plants,etc.
90*50 mm Large color LCD display
Data Recording /Curve display/Data upload function
Multiple automatic calibration
Double high resistance measurement mode, stable and reliable
Manual and automatic temperature compensation
Three relay control switches
High & low alarm and hysteresis control
4-20mA x2 &RS485 Multiple output modes
Multi parameter display simultaneously shows
Password protection to prevent misoperation by non-staff
Optional combination: (Note: pH, ORP, CON- conductivity, DO- dissolved oxygen, TB-turbidity,SS-suspended solids sludge concentration, ion - ion)
Analog signal: Ph + pH; PH+ORP, PH+CON,PH+DO, PH+lon, Ion+Ion,ORP+Ion
Analog + digital signal: Ph + turb, PH+SS,DO+TURB, DO+SS, CON+TURB,CON+SS.
Digital signal: any two collocations of digital sensors.
pH Measurement range -2~16.00pH
Measurement unit pH
Resolution 0.001pH
Basic error ±0.01pH
ORP Measurement range -2000~+2000mV
Measurement unit mV
Resolution 1mV
Basic error ±1mV
CON Conductivity 0~500mS/cm
Resolution 0.01μs/cm;0.01ms/cm
Basic error ±0.5%F.S
Resistivity 0~18.25MΩ/cm
Resolution 0.01KΩ/cm;0.01MΩ/cm
TDS 0~250g/L
Resolution 0.01mg/L;0.01g/L
Salinity 0~700ppt
Resolution 0.01ppm;0.01ppt
DO Measurement range 0~20.0mg/L;0~100%
Measurement unit mg/L、%
Resolution 0.01mg/L;0.1%
Basic error ±1%F.S
TB Measurement range 0.001-99999NTU
Measurement unit NTU、mg/L
Resolution 0.001; 0.01; 0.1; 1
Basic error ±1%F.S
SS Measurement range 0~40.0mg/L;0~100%;
Measurement unit mg/L、%
Resolution 0.01mg/L;0.1%;
Basic error ±1%F.S;
ION Measurement range 0~99999mg/L(ppm)
Measurement Principle Ion electrode method
Resolution 0.01 ;0.1;1 mg/L(ppm)
Basic error ±2.5%
  Temperature -10~150.0°C(Depend on the Sensor)
  Temp. resolution 0.1°C
  Temp. accuracy ±0.3°C
  Temp. compensation 0~150.0°C
  Temp. compensation Manual or automatic
  Stability pH:≤0.01pH/24h;ORP: ≤1mV/24h
  Current outputs Two 4~20mA,20~4mA,0~20mA
  Signal output RS485 MODBUS RTU
  Other functions Data record &Curve display
  Three relay control contacts 5A 250VAC,5A 30VDC
  Optional power supply 85~265VAC,9~36VDC,power consumption≤3W
  Working conditions No strong magnetic field interference
  Working temperature around except the geomagnetic field.
   Relative humidity -10~60°C
  Waterproof rating  ≤90%
  Weight IP65
  Dimensions 0.8kg
  Installation opening size 144×144×118mm
  Installation methods 138×138mm
Type Model Application
pH CS1543D Pure water, tap water, surface water and waste water
  CS1753D General application
  CS1768D Viscous fluid, protein environment
ORP CS2733D General application
  CS2768D  seawater , swimming pool, waste water
CON CS3700D K=1  1 μS/cm -20 mS/cm
  CS3701D K=1  1 μS/cm - 20 mS/cm
  CS3740D K=4.5  10 μS/cm - 500 mS/cm
  CS3722D K=0.1  0.1 - 200.0 μS/cm 
  CS3723D K=0.01  0.00 - 2.00 μS/cm 
  CS3710D K=10  10 μS/cm - 200.0 mS/cm
DO CS4551D 400na polarographic, 0-40mg / L, replaceable die
  CS4751D 400na polarographic, 0-40mg / L, replaceable die
  CS4773D 80na polarographic, 0-40mg / L, replaceable die
  CS4760D Fluorescent method, 0-20mg / L, replaceable die
TB CS7800D Low turbidity: flow type, 0 ~ 20NTU
  CS7801D Low turbidity: flow type, 0 ~ 200NTU
  CS7820D Medium concentration, 0-400NTU
  CS7821D Medium concentration, 0-2000NTU
  CS7830D High concentration, 0-4000NTU
  CS7832D High concentration with self-cleaning, 10-4000NTU
  CS7833D High concentration dual light band self-cleaning, 2-4000NTU
SS CS7840D Low turbidity: flow through, 0.1-200mg/l
  CS7850D Medium concentration, 2-500mg / L
  CS7851D Medium concentration, 2-5000mg / L
  CS7860D High concentration, 10-50000mg / L
  CS7862D High concentration, blade self-cleaning 10-50000mg / L,
  CS7863D High concentration, scraper self-cleaning, double beam 2-50000mg / L
ION CS6710FD Fluoride ( F- )
  CS6710ClD Chloride ( Cl- )
  CS6710NO3D Nitrate ( NO3- )
  CS6710NH4D Ammonium ( (NH4+ )
  CS6710NO2D Nitrite ( NO2- )
  CS6710KD Potassium ( K+ )
  CS6710MgD Magnesium ( Mg2+ )
  CS6710CaD Calcium ( Ca2+ )
  CS6710WHD Water Hardness
  CS6710NaD Sodium ( Na+ )
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