DOZ3500 Controller / Transmitter
DOZ3500 Dissolved Ozone  Controller/Transmitter
Dissolved Ozone Controller / Transmitter
It is suitable for online measurement and control of water disinfection in the fields of tap water industry, swimming pool, water park, ozone generator, container disinfection in food and beverage industry, etc.Note that the generator that produces ozone disinfection by electrolytic water is not applicable.
128 * 64 dot-matrix LCD display, switchable in Chinese and English, IP65 protection level, all-weather stable operation
simple menu design, simple and convenient operation, graphical prompt, beautiful and clear interface
software digital filtering is adjustable, with enhanced hardware resistance to interference, making measurements more stable and adapted to complex industrial environments
global access power supply 85~260VAC, but also customized DC model 18 to 36 V D C
RS-485 digital interface, MODBUS-RTU communication protocol, read and write two-way communication, can achieve remote complete control of the instrument
Waterworks Drinking water Swimming pool Food hygiene
Waterworks Drinking water Swimming pool Food hygiene
ozone measuring range 0.00~20mg/L.00
resolution ratio 0.01 mg/L
Measurement accuracy (electronic unit) ±0.10 mg/L
  temperature measuring range -10.0~130.0℃
resolution ratio 0.1℃
Measurement accuracy (electronic unit) ±0.3℃
Temperature input PT1000
temperature compensation Automatic / manual
Transfer current Output, type Two roads of 4~20 mA (the corresponding range can be set)
Current accuracy ±1% F .S
output loading less-than 500Ω
control Functional relay One (which can be set to the cleaning or alarm function)
Switch amount relay 2 SPST relays
load capacity 2.5A 230VAC
data transmission interface All-way RS485 isolation voltage is 2500Vrms
protocol MODBUS-RTU (read-write two-way communication)
Other parameters working power supply 85~260VAC or 18~36VDC (optional before order)
working temperature 0~60℃
Operating humidity Relative humidity was <90%
levels of protection IP65
way to install Disk installation
outline dimension (H×W×D) 108×108×132 mm
Open hole size 92.5 * 92.5 mm (positive tolerance)
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DOZ3500 Dissolved Ozone Controller / Transmitter Dissolved Ozone Controller / Transmitter
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