ION3000 Online Ion Analyzer
ION3000 Online Ion Analyzer
ION3000 Online Ion Analyzer
The controller equipped with different type of ions electrode, which widely used in power plant, petrochemical industry, metallurgical electronics, mining industry, paper industry, biological fermentation engineering, medical industry, food and beverage, environmental protection and water treatment, etc. The controller continuously monitors and control the concentration ionic in aqueous solution.
Intelligent menu operation
Various automatic calibration functions
Signal measurement, stable and reliable
Manual & auto temp. compensation
2 relay control switches
High alarm, low alarm, hysteresis control
4-20mA & RS485 Multiple output modes
Ion concentration, temperature, electric current, etc. showed in one screen
Password protection function to prevent non-staff operates incorrect
Measurement range 0~99999mg/L(ppm)
Measurement Principle Ion electrode method
Resolution 0.01 ;0.1;1 mg/L(ppm)
Basic error ±2.5%
Temperature 0~50℃
Temperature Resolution 0.1℃
Temperature Basic error ±0.3℃
Current outputs Two 4~20mA,20~4mA,0~20mA
Signal output RS485 MODBUS RTU
Other functions Data record &Curve display
Three relay control contacts 3A 250VAC,3A 30VDC
Optional power supply 85~265VAC,9~36VDC,power consumption≤3W
Working conditions No strong magnetic field interference around except the geomagnetic field.
Working temperature -10~60℃
Relative humidity ≤90%
Waterproof rating IP65
Weight 0.6kg
Dimensions (W*H*D) 98×98×130mm
Panel hole opening size 93x93mm
Installation methods Panel Mounting, Wall Mounting
type NPT 3/4" PG13.5 Lab application
Fluoride F- CS6710F CS6510F CS6210F Biological fluid, toothpaste
Chloride Cl- CS6710Cl CS6510Cl CS6210Cl River, plant tissue
Ammonium (NH4+) CS6710NH4 CS6510NH4 CS6210NH4 Boiler water, surface water, fertilizer
Ammonia NH3  CS6712NH3 CS6512NH3 CS6212NH3 High purity water for power plant
Nitrogen Oxide  NOx. CS6712NO2 CS6512NO2 CS6212NO2 Solid waste leaching solution, vegetables, pickled products and other agricultural products
 Carbon Dioxide   CO2 CS6712CO2 CS6512CO2 CS6212CO2 Soft drinks, wine, fermentation
Nitrate  NO3- CS6710NO3 CS6510NO3 CS6210NO3 Plant tissue, aquaculture, metallurgy, electroplating, sewage treatment
Nitrite  NO2- CS6710NO2 CS6510NO2 CS6210NO2 Solid waste leaching solution, vegetables, pickled products and other agricultural products
Sodium ion Na+ CS6710Na CS6510Na CS6210Na Drinking water, surface water, sea water, tea, honey, feed, milk powder, saliva, serum, urine
Potassium K+ CS6710K CS6510K CS6210K Serum, fertilizer, wine
Magnesium Mg2+ CS6710Mg CS6510Mg CS6210Mg Water hardness, drilling mud, mining, drinking water, mineral water and seawater
Calcium Ca2+ CS6710Ca CS6510Ca CS6210Ca Water softening system, drinking water

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